January 27, 2012 at 3:44 pm

Who should be blamed for the lack of exclusive SF X Tekken characters on Xbox 360 ?


Last night, Capcom usa announced that Mega-man and Pac-man are going to join Toro, Kuro, and Cole as sony exclusive characters for Street Fighter x Tekken. Minutes later, the official Capcom forums where swarmed by angry fans blaming Capcom for not caring for the xbox 360 fan base, especially that Ono san previously made it clear that there will be no xbox 360 exclusive characters. So is Capcom really siding with the playstation, giving them 5, not one, but FIVE, exclusive characters? Does Capcom really hate the xbox 360 and wants to piss off its fan-base? The answer is, in short, NO!

The answer to this burning question is as follow: Capcom approached both Sony and Microsoft to develop exclusive characters for each system. Exclusivity means that the giant corporations, Microsoft and Sony, will have to pay capcom for including such and such character and him/her being exclusive to that particular console. Sony said yes and galdly paid Capcom to make the 5 exclusive characters we now know, while Microsoft declined the offer, and therefore Capcom is not making any extra characters for the Xbox 360 version.

Ono even went ahead, and stated that he wanted Halo’s Master chief and Gears of wars Marcus Phoenix to be included on the 360, however Microsoft declining the exclusivity offer made these requests only wishful thinking.

So you want to blame someone for this exclusivity non-sese? blame Microsoft!


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