March 11, 2011 at 5:12 am

New MK info from Brazilian event covers xbox 360 exclusives and online features


In a famous books and electronics store in Sao paulo, Mortal Kombat’s producer, Hector Sanchez, presented the game yesterday to a Brazilian audience and revealed some new information while confirming some rumors and leaks. Here is a rundown of the new info that was revealed (taken from forums):

• The online mode will be restricted to your area. E.g., if your playing from the west part of the USA, you’ll only be able to play against people from the same region. Sanchez explained that this decision was made in order to prevent lags during online matches.

• The Lady In Red? “She’ll be there”, says Sanchez. I wonder what he exactly meant. Cameo in a Stage, Cameo in the Challenge Tower or actually playable?

• Kratos will be heavily promoted soon, which is why nearly nothing was released about him at the moment.

• Xbox360 will have some kind of exclusive content, rather than an exclusive character, which will be announced soon.

• All those Bios and Endings are REAL, and Hector said that “it was an act of ‘bad character’ from those who made these leaks”.

• We’ll see human Sektor and Cyrax in action, as he stated that part of the Story mode will take place before the Lin Kuei automation, but it wasn’t clear if their human forms will be playable.

• He confirmed Cyber Sub-Zero, and said that he will have an unique set of moves and story. He said also that the team is not certain about his inclusion in future MK games.

•Sonya has her classic MK4 Leg Split Fatality! The combination will be [\/, \/, <, >, X] for the Xbox,

I am not sure how i feel about the leaks being all real, but i know i am very unhappy with Online play being region restricted. We have not see a region restricted game in ages, and this maybe the first fighting game to do it. It would have been more rational to have the region select as a filter, rather than it being mandatory. Hopefully NRS studios will listen to the fans and change this option.

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